The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger

When Henry and Clare finally meet, he is 28 and she is 20.  He has never met Clare before but right away feels a connection.  Clare however, has known Henry since she was 6.  Clare has been waiting for this day….she knew it would come, he told her…..and its finally here.

Henry is a librarian who suffers from a rare genetic disorder that allows him to time travel – naked.  While this should prevent him from having a normal life, he builds a future with Clare, an artist.   A future many of us couldn’t survive.

This book is science fiction, fantasy and a love story all rolled into one.  While the dates of time travel for Henry are rather confusing, the time line stays accurate for Clare.  You follow the life of the wife.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your travels.


A Transportable Spin on Love

Some books I have to read twice. The first time is just for me.  I get lost in the conflict and struggle.  I am there for the resolution cheering the characters on.  The Time Travellers Wife was one book I needed to read twice. 

The first time I got so involved with dates and times and putting the pieces of the puzzle together.  I was an outsider looking in on a great love affair.  I turned each page in anticipation, willing the Hollywood ending.  I was not disappointed.  The first time I laughed, cried, empathized and got angry.

The second time, I am a critic.  I am the doubting Thomas.   I need to touch the stumps where Henry’s feet use to be.  I need to feel Clare’s pain in the years after Henry’s death.  I need to see Alba time travel and visits with Henry.  I am no longer a believer.  While these were plots of the story that I loved there were instances that led me to my second time around hesitation.

I had many reservations with Clare’s family.  We are led to believe the family is very wealthy.  They have black servants.  What year was this book written?  I am reminded of Mamie from Gone with the Wind.  It doesn’t stop there.  The patriarch, Philip Abshire, is more concerned with keeping up appearances than his children’s well being.  He encourages Clare not to tell Henry about her mother.  The matriarch has not been able to recover from a loss of a child.  Understandably so, however, as time roles on, she is unable to provide the love and guidance her children crave. 

I had a hard time with Clare’s miscarriages.  I would have believed the fetus had the same rare genetic disease as his father’s but time travel?

I tried to figure out the purpose of Ingrid’s character.    They touched on an interesting character but did not develop her heart and mind.  I felt she was just used to show us that Henry had other women before he finally meets Clare.  Well, I would have believed it if Henry simply told Clare that.  Have faith in your reader Audrey.

Aside from these few complaints the novel was still an enjoyable read, both times!  I entered the portal and enjoyed my journey.


With Attitude,


Boutique Rating: 81-following the time line required a stem of melbec(or two) 

Stella’s Sentimental Review

The Time Traveler’s Wife, the story of Clare and Henry. A modern day love story with a science fiction twist.

One of the most beautifully written science fiction/love stories I have ever read. Perhaps it is the only sci-fi novel I have ever read, but not the first love story. Henry and Clare are characters I couldn’t help but adore. As individuals, when Clare is an innocent young child and Henry befriends her, and as a couple as they navigate their way through the issues many normal couples deal with. I cheered on their relationship and wanted them to have happily ever after.

During my first read of The Time Traveler’s Wife I found the timeline difficult to follow and felt the complexity of it took away for the momentum and experience of the read. Around page 107 I had my aha moment, the organizing of the time line became evident and the book became much easier to follow. I enjoyed the uniquely creative way Ms. Niffenegger organized the time lines. Claire’s always moves forward chronologically. Henry jumps back and forth as he travels with Clare, in real time, and as he travels into the past and forward to the future. I have since read The Time Traveler’s Wife two more times and enjoy watching the plot pieces fall into place.

Do I love these two so because I am such a hopeless romantic. No. Well, maybe a bit. This non-cookie cutter style love story captured my attention and held it until the final good bye.

Boutique Rating: 89-at the end I found it necessary to finish my Austrailian Cabernet and replenish the tissue box

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