The Partying Time Travelers

If you are hosting your friends and book club members to discuss The Time Traveler's Wife, you are one lucky host. This novel has many different settings and time era's that you could choose from.  We have a few suggestions, pick what best suits you.  

We at the boutique think hosting this book club at your local library would be fitting.  After, how about going out to a Thai restaurant, similar to Henry and Clare's first date? He orders Tom Kha Kai and Clare orders Gang Massaman.  They both had tea but you know I would have ordered wine! Actually, they pick up a bottle of wine when the date moves to Henry's apartment.  To keep it simple, make reservations at a reputable Thai restaurant and have your discussion over Pad Thai and tea.

On the other hand, if it happens to be a beautiful time of year, why not host this book in your local park or greenspace that has a pond...yes, we are recreating the Abshire meadow.  For this one, you could have each participant bring a folding chair and provide several picnic blankets.  Below, we have listed some food examples from the novel.  Bring the food in a variety of picnic baskets and vintage lunch pails...might as well go back in time!  Be sure to have an old suitcase opened with a flannel shirt, jeans, brown loafers, thermos and lunch pail. Just like Clare, we need to be prepared.

Finally, hosting this gathering in your home.  This setting allows you to play some of the music from the book. Iggy Pop, Talking Heads, Patti Smith and Violent Femmes to name a few.  You could even play 'The Time Warp' from The Rocky Horror Picture show or 'Back in Time' by Huey Lewis and the News to set the mood.




 Stella also suggested some violin music from a Symphony Orchestra seeing as Henry's dad, Richard DeTamble was a violinist for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

If you are wanting to send out invitations, which is always a nice touch, try something similar to ours.  The background we got from the website  He has posted a chronological timeline, as well as a Clare and Henry timeline.  

Since Henry is always trying to teach Clare how to cook we thought the simple dishes would compliment this novel the best.  Henry's favourites dish to teach Clare - PASTA.  Prepare your finest.  How about Chicken and Risotto stew with pureed squash; ring a bell?  There was a reference to peanut butter and anchovy sandwiches.  It made me squirm but to each their own.  On their first double date with Clarisse and Gomez they have an Australian Cabernet, now that sounds delicious.  If serving coffee it could be very strong, the way they liked it.

True to Boutique form, we were trying to find a unique cocktail to serve for this gathering.  What we came up with was wonderful; The Genevieve Boutieille Chronicles. This one, 'Have Shaker will time travel The Genevieve Boutieille Chronicles Part 2 - The Hindenburgh Cocktail' was published this year.  This book looks funny and has good recipes.  Cheers.

The movie adaptation of The Time Travelers Wife would be a fun night with friends too.  I have not seen the movie in its entirety so I cannot say whether it stays true to the book.  Remember, have fun and carpe diem!


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