Merriment with the Weissmann Women for our Novel Gathering



Perhaps you can draw up a small epitaphic note to invitees.  

Today we mourn the end of our book.
Please attend a celebration of this novel on
January 1, 2000 at !!:00 am
Insert name of hostess as officiating
Dress Code: Black 

If this is a bit to dark for you, try an invite like this,

The time has come to say good-bye
Actually, it's way past time!
Join me to assist Betty in saying good-bye
On January 1, 2000
The Law Firm of
Insert Book Club Name and Hosts' name
Prepare for a battle in discussion.

Setting the Scene

 - have Louise May Alcott books around the room

- set clocks to 7:30 ( take batteries out of clocks ), the time Joseph always liked dinner

- have a small tray with a bottle of scotch and two glasses

- find images of Central Park to create a view from the apatment

- scatter Costco flyers around gathering area

- make a cardboard mailbox with the name The Wisemen's on it and set it out your front door.  Add shells and sand.

- kayak anyone?

- Wildflower bouquets or Daffodils (Kit brought the wildflowrs when he went for dinner and Roberts brought Betty a bunch of daffodils)

- Play the movie "Sense and Sensibility" with the sound muted

- one area more sophisticated, the apartment, and one area with sand, shells etc, the cottage


Answer the door in your bathrobe with a whiskey in your hand.  Too much?  Have everyone come dressed in black because you are all in mourning.  Or, elegant and simple in a cardigan and pearls.


Saltines and almond butter

Tuna Fish Sandwiches (just the way Miranda likes them)

Cookies of all kind especially oatmeal

Oysters with chopped liver

Chinese take out with plastic forks (or just empty take out containers around the food area)

Seafood on silver platters (Lou and Rosalyn's party in Palm Springs)

Clams, shrimp, lobster and crap with shaved ice





Orange Juice
Triple Sec
Fresh Fruit

Fill a champagne flute half full with chilled champagne, top with chilled orange juice and gently stir.  Add a splach of triple sec.  Add a slice of strawberry, raspberry or orange slice to rim of the glass. 



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