The Silver Star

Novel Gathering


The Silver Star is a fun book club gathering to host.  Have a look at The Boutique ideas below.



There are a few ideas here.  Uncle Tinsley had monogrammed clothes so you could send out invites with your monogram on the top.  You could send your invite out as a letter similar to the one Liz wrote to her mother (Refer to page 22)  Dear Queen of Hearts....

We at the Boutique chose to send out an invitation that resembled family and the genealogy charts Uncle Tinsley was working on.



We loved Aunt Al, so would try to recreate her welcoming home.  Here are a few ideas to include or borrow from friends and neighbors.

- A Car Seat and doll
-  Toaster Oven (to cook all those chicken pot pies in)
-  Cover your door in Tangerine or Turquoise blue (remember Charlotte wanted to be different)
-  Guitars
-  Confederate Decorations? 
-  Images of Emu's
-  Tea Service on a Silver Tray
-  monogrammed napkins
-  have as many of Liz's books scattered around or in a pile

Through the Looking Glass(Lewis Carroll books)
Edgar Allen Poe (The Raven)
Hermann Hesse
ee Cummings

-  a basket of cleaning supplies like the one Bean had to do chores at the Maddoxx house
-  stacked newspaper and magazines
-  maps and genealogy charts
-  spools of thread


Chicken Pot Pies and milk

(Check pinterest for some great chicken and beef pot pie recipes)

Poached eggs, biscuits, toast, Vienna sausage, oj
Venison Stew
Key Lime Pie
Peaches, apples, blackberries 
Squash casserole, roast loin of venison with mushrooms, onions, turnips and apples
Bean wanted cheetos and Orange Soda or fanta but got pringles and RC cola...I will let you decide which you want to add to the party. 


Reinvent the cocktail "Mark" created for Charlotte

Shakin' Charlotte

Peach Schnapps


Janis Joplin
The Animals (House of the Rising Sun)

We hope you have a wonderful book club gathering.

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