The Borrower Novel Gathering


A gathering for The Borrower had me salivating, but just a little.  Where to host????  What to eat?  How much to drink?  It certainly is a book where you can let your imagination run wild.


The invitation could take many forms.  It could be a blank library card, with your guests name as the author and under title use the titles from the book such as “Out of the Hobbit Hole and Down the Rabbit Hole “.


Put the date, time and address of your book club directly on each person card.



Ask your local library if you could rent out a room or space.  Often there are rooms reserved for quiet but it never hurts to ask.  If you cannot arrange to host at the library create a space in your home where you display all your books.  If that does not work, arrange stacks of books around your living room and have desk chairs brought in.  If your club is meeting in October, make it a dress up book club and hand out Kit Kat bars and bookmarks.  Be sure to wear your ruby slippers.

On these book markers create the list that Lucy recommends to Ian for his future reads.  If your guests come without a costume, have a dress up trunk similar to Lucy’s neighbor, ready for all to pick through.  Be sure to have a red robe in there.  Try to have ‘Toward the Light’ or other religious books set out.  Here are a list of other items you may want to stage around your discussion room, 

Wizard of Oz paraphernalia

Map or books on Chicago


Sealed shoe box

The movie “The Fugitive”

The Borrowers by Mary Norton

Ferrets, stuffed or real


Anna Karenina



Strong black coffee

Dried tuna steak and soggy asparagus

Fast food

Anemic little salads in clear plastic boxes with small red tomatoes

Russian Chocolate

Donuts, coffee and oj


Swiss army knife with peanut butter and crackers

Spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread and salad

MacDonald’s milkshakes

Bacon, scrambled eggs with onions and peppers, two whole salamis, coffee and bread slices with jams and peanut butter


Club sandwich and chips



Gin and Tonic



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