Novel Gathering

How to set the scene for this interesting book?  Leave it to us at the boutique. 


How about gathering up your book club and going on a field trip go carting?  I know….that is for children but what fun you would all have.  If possible arrange this outing during the week when the venue would be more quiet and book the ‘party’ room.  Take a look at our food section below for some added fun.

If go carting is not for you, we have a few ideas to prepare your home for this book club gathering.  First, if you have small matchbox cars or hot wheels, gather them all up for decoration.   Check your kid’s toy box.  If not, these are often inexpensive at a toy store or discount store.  Buy black plastic tablecloths and tape white or yellow lines down the middle to mimic a roadway.  The movie Cars is such a popular birthday theme, so go to your local birthday supply store and buy checkered flags, small pylons, car napkins etc.  This can be really fun.  The store I was at had fun toppers for cupcakes.  Decorate the room where your discussion will take place.  Instead of music, how about having the National Geographic Channel or The Weather Network on in the background.  If you have stuffed dogs, have them arranged around the room with few of them dressed up like Zoe used to do to Enzo. Include a lead, food bowl, plastic bags. 

Enzo loved movies and had several favourites.  See if your local movie store has Le Mans with Steve McQueen, Law and Order, Amazing Race, Paul Newman in Winning or Grand Prix.

Stuffed animals, maybe a zebra?




Tortilla chips from the Mexican restaurant

Denny also stopped off once in awhile at the Indian Buffet for tandoori chicken and yellow rice.

Salad served in wooden bowl and hot dogs

After the beach Eve, Zoe and Denny all ate Fish n Chips.

Chicken nuggets (do not make them rancid though)

Hamburger, onions, garlic, can of tomatoes, lettuce, sliced apples.

Jar of hot peppers

Fresh Baked Oatmeal Cookies

Pancakes and Banana’s

Peanut butter and banana sandwiches on whole grain bread, potato chips, cookies (without hydrogenated oils) and a bottle of water. 


Lemon Cake (served at Zoe’s 2nd birthday)


- Side Car

1 3/4 shot Bacardi Rum
3/4 shot Amaretto di Sashira
1 3/4 shot Pineapple juice

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass.  Garnish with cherry and pineapple chunk.

- Fine and Dandy

- Traffic Light

- Downhill Racer

- Champagne Charlie – celebrate winning the grand prix De Kuyper Apricot Brandy (one shot) then top with champagne

- Beer

- Manhattans with Cherries

- Wine

- Tequila

Ok, so I did not have a problem coming up with a cocktail for this one.  I have never tried a Traffic Light…too shaky.

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