Little Bee

Novel Gathering


We have many ideas to help you create and host a wonderful book club gathering.


There are two ways you can do this.  Using an online evite system design an invitation to imply you are from the immigration centre.


Black Hill Immigration Removal Centre

Is lamenting the release of a few refugees.
Help us acclimate these ladies on
Thursday, May 1, 0000 @ 10:00
We will begin by discussing the line below,

The men came and they….

Or, create an invitation to resemble a magazine cover.


If you are lucky enough, host this gathering at the beach. 

If hosting at home there is several ways to bring the book alive.  Here are some props to have around the house,

First, decorate the front door with oil news, discoveries, pictures of wells, boats carrying oil etc.  Add some headlines about bombings and bloodshed in Nigeria.  Have a bow and arrow or other hunting items in a basket as soon as your guests enter.  Any plastic toy guns or nerf guns?

-       British Pounds

-       Queen Elizabeth books, Royal Family paraphernalia, crown, scepter

-       Collins Gem Pocket English Dictionary

-       The novel ‘Great Expectations’

-       Batman

-       Movie “Top Gun” playing on mute

-       A brown blanket folded on a chair or on the floor with a white plastic teacup.

-       Have music by U2 playing (make sure the song One is there, put it on repeat?)

-       Have beach sand on a tray with a plastic shovel and pail.  Adorn this tray with a toy jeep and a pair of Ray           Ban sunglasses  (recreate what Little Bee saw in the jungle the night with her sister)

-       Books or images of a glass greenhouse

-       Flowers should be white lilies (funeral), yellow roses or fuchsia, rose and honeysuckle (Sarah wants to                 teach Little Bee the names of these)

-       Bottles of bleach and cleaner

-       Tray with several bottles of red nail polish (perhaps have a bottle for everyone to take home?)

-       Bible opened to Matthew chapter 27

-       A area with trashy magazines, fashion magazines with the name NIXIE in neon pink on the front of one of         them.


-       Cinnamon buns and cola

-       Bat Toast (find a Halloween bat cookie cutter and use for sandwiches)

-       Mushroom omelets

-       Hot dogs and ice cream (continue with the beach theme)

-       Fried plantain

-       Bread and cheese in a basket (farmer’s wife showed kindness by bringing the girls this)

-       Dried pineapple

-       Fresh mangoes

-       Yellow Smarties (3 layer banana cake)

-       Amaretto Biscuits



-       tea

-       Gin & Tonic (jiffy juice)





Little Bee wore loose blue jeans and a man’s Hawaiian shirt with red painted toenails.  If hosting in the summer, wear a pink sundress but make sure to include your favorite pink shoes. 

The other girls wore a purple A-line dress with stars and moons, pink scarf, purple flip-flops, yellow sari, pink shoes.  It may be fun to have your guests dress up with these suggestions too.


This was a wonderful book with a message that will stay with you for a long time.  Give it a gathering it deserves.  Have fun.

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