Novel Gathering for

Left neglected by Lisa Genova



There are so many suggestions for this book that we thought it best to put in point form.  What we will create are nooks around your home that represent the different parts of Sarah's life. First at the front door we suggest,

- toss a few pennies on walkway and steps leading into home
- make a sign on the door to say Land of the Left or Pisces (the restaurant Bob and Sarah went to for their anniversary)
- put yellow duct tape down the middle of your stairs

If you want, answer the door wearing reindeer socks, mules, unzipped and unbuttoned skinny jeans.

Next, in the foyer

- lay down a black plastic tablecloth and put yellow duct take down the middle to create a road
- pile up some toy cars, and have a cell phone lying on the floor
- have a basket handy and suggest all your guests put their cell phones in it (no distracted book club members allowed) 

Once in your home have an area to represent Sarah's three kids, here are a few examples,

- Junie B Jones books
- baby gate, soothers, baby bottles
- pokemon cards, Belle costume, Nintendo and games, stuffed animals 
- crafts and coloring books
- craft beads scattered all around this area

Also, create an area for that will represent their Vermont get away,



- ski's, helmets, gloves, hats
- snow board
- winter coats (if you happen to have a small coat, put some fairy wings on for Lucy), boots 
- map of Vermont, google a ski resort and print some pictures from this

Now set up a table that shows Sarah's work side,

- laptops
- Wall Street Journal, New York Times, open both to business section
- save or find Sacs or Nordstrom flyers, BMW car ads
- have several papers here with the word DEBT on them
- Harvard Certificate (again, google free certificate templates) 

Here is a list of other items you may have handy that will bring this book to life for your book club.

- Easel, paint brushes, paint, canvas, sketchpad
- dream journal
- People magazine
- Hoochie Momma red toe nail polish
- books about ADHD
- knitting needles with wool (ivory if possible, Sarah's mom was knitting Linus a sweater)
- coffee mug or jar with marbles
- create the attitude and gratitude posters
- tape the left side of your windows, door frames etc with bright orange tape
- roll up all your rugs if possible and leave them in a corner
- tape cotton balls all over a sitting area or wherever you feel this exercise is needed
- have an atlas? open to Boston
- fill your nicest purse with a laptop, cell phone, crayons, pens, wallet, lipstick, keys, goldfish crackers, a juice box, business cards, tampons, diaper, receipts, band aides, handi wipes,calculator, dump the bag and put this on display for all your guests to see
- have Ellen or Survivor playing on your TV (just tape ahead of time and play)
- Johnson's baby shampoo and Nilla wafers...Sarah's elixir's
- search your cookbooks or go to your local library for Recipes for Microwave
- crazy hats?  bring them out (my neighbor is a red hatter)
- Red Sox ball cap
- word search puzzle books 

Ok, I better stop!


Cereal, Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs
Buttermilk pancakes, sausage, steel cut oatmeal with maple syrup and strawberries
Scrambled eggs, bacon and English muffins with orange juice

Pizza, chocolate, Dunkin Donuts, chocolate peanut butter fudge or almond butter crunch
Chicken Caesar salad, Chicken noodle soup, Chicken and rice with apple juice

Here is an image of what we served at our novel gathering.

Chicken Salad with Parmesan Romano Edible Cheese Bowls

Grilled Beef Tenderloin with horseradish, whipped potatoes, roasted asparagus, Nantucket sea scallops with butternut squash risotto.


Wine, wine, wine
Liquid Mojo (you could create anything and call it this)
Ginger ale
Vanilla Lattes 

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