I found coming up with a fun and interactive book club gathering difficult for this book.  While the setting of Zurich seems magical, I felt a more severe setting was really necessary.



Arrange chairs for your book club in a large circle.  Create a group therapy room.  Have small folding tables interspersed with ashtrays, Jung books and train schedules.

Have your coffee pot sitting out with paper cups and a plate of chocolate croissants (from the cafeteria during break from German lessons) and muffins.  A very sad therapy room indeed.Ask each other questions that Anna posed to herself to begin.  "Is there a difference between shame and guilt?"  "What is the difference between a need and a want?"  "What is the difference between passivity and neutrality?"

Go to your local library and take out books on Learning to Speak German.

Have a tray of semi wilted flowers, toast and jam and coffee sitting somewhere in the room (the boys gesture for Anna's birthday)
have a basket filled with Ursula's vegetables from her garden, turnips, potatoes etc 

Another setting possiblilty is in a park (higher up) surrounding a park bench and have a picnic.  Just do not let everyone at your book club cry here!


Coffee and Tea
Bottles of water
Quark (best I can tell is this is cottage cheese)
Swiss dark chocolate
Soft Pretzels (like the cart set up by the train station)
Cervelat (Switzerland's national sausage)
Buttercream Cake 
Bowls of olives, peanuts and wasabi-coated peas 
Gruyere and Appenzeller cheese
Salami, stuffed pepperoncini, tuna 


Beer (I found and then proceeded to try Lowenbrau but also look for others)


ABBA, Take a Chance on Me
The Final Countdown
Hip- Hop (Bruno loved this music)

Above is just a few possibilities for your book club.  



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