Faith: A Novel Gathering


In the beginning we thought Faith would be a very difficult novel to host for book club. However with the aid of a few glasses of wine, we are rolling.


Have you taken pictures at your book club meetings in the past?  Place these pictures in existing frames, just for the book club and create your own bragging wall.  Even take snapshots of the books you have read and have them all in your party room.  Next, find a few bibles.  
Borrow from friends and neighbors too.  Open a few up and book mark the page with a rosary or palms. Create a very serene table 'altar'. Drape with a white tablecloth and a color of choice.  The vestment color a priests wears represents different times during the year.  Here is what I found on Google about this,

"Gold/Yellow with White for Holy Days, Christmas and Easter.
Red for Pentecost - blood of martyrs - Maundy Thursday and Palm Sunday
Black - used on Good Friday and Holy Saturday
Pink/Rose - 3rd or 4th Sunday in Advent
Violet/Purple - symbolize pain, suffering, penance - Season of Lent.

A good Catholic Calendar will tell what colors on used on that day."


Choose your color accordingly.  If I were the host, I would do Gold/Yellow with white because it was during Holy Week that the Cardinal summoned Art and removed him of his duties.  I have a pair of gold goblets, display items like this on your makeshift 'altar' to symbolize the chalis. Have gold napkins with white plates.  If possible, bring out other items to create the "Easter" theme.

To help create the mood choose 'church or choir music' for background music.  I noticed that Amazon carried "Church Music" but also check out your local library and ask the librarian for assistance.  I love Amazing Grace.  I would find several different artists renditions, both with vocals and instrumental; showing how one song can be interpreted differently....significant for this story.


Coffee, coffee, and more coffee

French Toast

Casserole - corned beef and cabbage

Stews, chops, boiled dinner and cottage pie (compliments of Fran Conlon)

Fried Potatoes and Onions

Shephard's Pie

Kool-aid (Sheila reminiscing about their time on the boat with her cousin)

Salad, skinless chicken, butternut squash (created by Abby)

Deviled eggs, cold cuts, supermarket cake with Frisco topping, potato salad, relish tray, big basket of soda bread and an assortment of store bought cookies (Ryan's First Communion)

Cigarettes (popeye style)


Virgin Cocktail of Choice

Bloody Mary


This gathering is certainly more about the discussion and hearing everyone's personal opinion.  Did those who practice an organized religion have stronger opinions?  Was this truly a book about family?  Share your stories with us, we would love to hear how your book club party went.


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