'Hannah's Dream' by Diane Hammond

I recently read this heart warming and tender story of  Sam and his elephant, Hannah. A tale of love and friendship.

Check out Stella's Bookshelf to read my review and thoughts on 'Hannah's Dream'



Cause for Celebration

Let us help you host a 'Gourmet Rhapsody' gathering with friends to discuss this tantalizing book.  Come back soon to our Novel Gathering and see how we at The Book Boutique would do it!  From the food,  the staging of your home, and invites and don't worry; we like to include refreshments at our get-togethers. CHEERS!


"Nothing except that flavor I am pursuing in the limbo of my memory is of importance now: enraged by a betrayal I cannot even recall, it continues to resist me, and stubbornly slips away." 

Pierre Arthen from 'Gourmet Rhapsody' by Muriel Barbery


You've seen our review, we've shared our personal opinions, now it is time to sit in on the discussion that ensued after we read 'GR'.

Coming soon: we will be dishing up our 'Gourmet Rhapsody' Q&A.



Happy Birthday Dr. Suess.

"The more that you read, the more things you will know.

The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." 

-Dr. Suess

 Thank you for all the wonderful stories, enjoyed as a child, treasured as an adult.


Here we go.....

Our first book at The Book Boutique is infused with laughter, pickled with sadness and diced with rejection. Sound appetizing? 


Chapter One

....and so the story of Maxine and Stella and The Book Boutique begins....where will it this point it is unclear.....what is clear, with time, hard work and preparation...The Book Boutique is open.

Cheers and happy reading! 

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