Black Crow White Lie by Candi Sary


The story of Carson Calley, a young man being raised by his alcoholic, fortunetelling mother, Juliette, in Hollywood, California. She believes her son possess the gift of being a healer. The stories Juliette tells her son about his life, father, and ancestors support this belief and guide Carson down the path of doing great things with gift. Along the way events occur which caste doubt into Carson’s mind as to his gift, causing him to question his identity and if his gift is real.

This novel brings together many important themes: the mother/child relationship, the role of the father in a boy’s life, and the importance of believing in yourself. Although, Juliette did not always make the best decisions, she believed she was doing right by Carson with the tales she told him. Stories that helped him see how special he was. Is it healthy to lie to your child? Perhaps not, but sometimes a parent must shield their child from the truth. In the absence of his father, Carson had two unlikely ‘father figures’ in Ferris and Casper. These two men offered council, shelter and helped Carson see how his mother’s lies didn’t change who he was as a person and to continue believing in himself and his gift.

Black Crow White Lie shines as Candi Sary’s breakthrough novel. Sary has created a wonderful, uniquely imaginative tale. Loved how the story moved along and didn’t contain ‘filler’ present in some novels. She gets right to the essence of the story and weaves only pertinent information through the plot. At 160 pages, Black Crow White Lie is a novel that can be picked up and enjoyed in a day. 

As a side note: this is a novel that should find its way into the classroom. The teenagers in my life will be reading it for our Mother/Daughter Book Club.

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