AHEB Novel Gathering - Chapter One, We Begin

You are one lucky host; you get to entertain your book club for Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons.  This gathering can be so easy… if you want it to be. 


Angry Housewives Eating
Bon Bons Monthly Meeting 

Please join us Tuesday, May 3
whenever your children are in bed

 Awesome Audrey will read your palms
And for a drink, she will make it favorable

 No Bee Hives Allowed
Political Views Not Welcome on this Evening


I think you get the idea.  Again, focus on your creative side and have fun.

To Begin

First, this novel begins in the frozen tundra of Minnesota in the dead of winter.  The novel spans three decades and each of our five main characters are so varied, you could host the party in your child’s tree house if you desired.  Sunscreen required.

This gathering can be simple, like one Merit would host.  I loved that she found herself to be a ‘serviceable cook’.  She hosted the second meeting of the club, following Faith, the Martha Stewart of Freesia Court.  Talk about pressure.  She relied on everyone else to bring food, and you certainly can too.  However, you could host a gathering similar to Faith.  She baked a sheet cake and iced it to look like an open book.  She had place cards with fun names such as ‘Kari Kafka’ and ‘Audrey Austen’.  As you can see, anything goes for this get-together.

Setting the Scene ‘Boutique Style’

 Have a few protest signs leading up to the doorway.  “Only fun need enter here.”  “Who needs therapy, I have a book club”.  Perhaps you can be a little more creative than I.  When everyone arrives give him or her a feathered boa and a pack of Popeye cigarettes.  Place signs and pictures around the room that indicate the decades to be discussed.  For example, under the 60’s have pictures of the Vietnam War and the 70’s Kent State.  You could ask members to dress according to their favorite decade.  That may spark more conversation.

You could take AHEB on the road.  Remember when Audrey took her friends to the family beach house in Malibu?  You could have this discussion in a biker bar in California.

Have a selection of the AHEB book choices stacked around the room.  See if your guests can remember who chose them and why.

There was mention of food and drinks throughout this novel.  A few suggestions,

1      variety of brownies all in Tupperware
2      pigs in a blanket…come on especially with one of Audrey’s choices
3      liquor
4      coffee, pots and pots of coffee

Food Concepts from the Story

Apple Crumb Cake


Kari’s Brownies

Booze (champagne for toasting the arrival of Julia; martinis at the inaugural snow ball fight; liquor at the any book club meeting)

Patsy’s Famous Butterscotch Pie

Faith’s Peanut Brittle

Rum Punch courtesy of Kari’s Annual Christmas Party

Rumaki – because anything wrapped in bacon is delicious


Yellow Cake with chocolate Icing and molasses candy

Cinnamon Rolls

Snack Mix with pretzels and cheerios



Dress Code

Mini Skirts

Hot Pants (white vinyl)

Itchy Wool Dresses

Bell Bottom Pants

We wanted to keep this page very monochromatic to stress that the color was in the characters themselves.   Also note the most important detail for this party is friendship.  Do enjoy.

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