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Our 'Boutique' treatment for Left Neglected by Lisa Genova is now complete. We put this novel back on the shelf with the reminder to slow down, do not text and drive, and make time for your loved ones.

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Our discussion is complete...

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."

- Mahatma Gandhi

 and the Q&A section for Left Neglected by Lisa Genova is complete.



March Book Review

There is something about the changing of the seasons that steers me toward a "foodie" book.  It could be because I love to garden and eat what I sow.  

My March book review is about a restaurant named Lillians that is surrounded by this luscious garden and a chef with an incredible sense for food. 

Do you want an escape from this lingering winter and your daily grind? Let Erica Bauermeisters novel The School of Essential Ingredients take you to a slice of heaven...from your armchair.


Attitude and Gratitude

Our Q & A section for Left neglected will be posted shortly.  However, we have prepared our Novel Gathering ideas for you to review.  This was an interested book to host as there were many different areas of their life that was affected by Sarah's accident.  Take a moment and view how we at The Boutique hosted a

Left Neglected Novel Gathering.


How did Left Neglected rate?

Maxine - "A good reminder to slow down. Keeping up with the Jones' isn't all its cracked up to be."

Stella - "A fictional story that shows the tragic reality of choosing to text and drive."

Our Boutique Rating for Left Neglected


Feeling Neglected

The next book off our shelf is a story about the Nickerson family.  The book will reveal how one choice can change life as you know. 

Please join us this month as we discuss Left Neglected by Lisa Genova.


Making Sense of it All

How often does one of your books look like this?  This is simply a testament to Julian Barnes' book, The Sense of an Ending.  Many quotes, revelations, lies and truths are marked but the question still lingers, do you really get it? I can honestly say that I now think I understand this book better however, I am eager to put it back on my shelf.

Our Q & A for this intriguing novel is now posted.  Have a look.

Question & Answers for The Sense of an Ending.


Maxine's February Review

The Tree of Everlasting Knowledge by Christine Nolfi is a beautifully written story.  There is a connection to these characters introduced to us because at their core you will see goodness and humanity.


Stella's February Review

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman is a story of friendship and an adventure that unfolds somewhere between fantasy and reality in the mind of a child.


Coming to Our Senses

While this novel brought out the best in me (insert sarcastic smile here) it was a wonderful book to host for book club.  We are still asking each other many questions and interpreting Julian Barnes novella for answers but in the meantime please enjoy our Novel Gathering for this most intriguing novel.